I'm experiencing a strange problem with an accounting software packet
The software (Afas Profit) is installed on a w2k3-server, which is joined to a dsfw-tree, (oes2sp2) .This server needs an AD account (ProfitCom) to runs some Com+ services. Everything works fine on the server, but when I install the client on a workstation, also joined to the domain, I get a communication Error.
Sniffing with wireshark tells met that there is a TGS-REQ originating from the workstation to the DFSW server, to which the dsfw-server gives a KRB_GENERIC_ERROR.
In the /var/log/messages I see a lot of lines saying '....TGS_REQ ..Administrator@domain.com Profitcom@domain.com, Naming Violation.

I have no idea where this error is coming from or how te resolve this.
Has anyone seen this before? And how did you resolve it?

Kind regards, Jeroen Bannink