I'm having an issue with creating a Distribution List with an email address. I have several DL's with email addresses that work fine. Our GWIA does NOT have the 'Expand groups' option set. Instead, we use Nicknames to define the email address for only the groups that need to be addressed by email.

I've tried to create a new one and, upon creation, the Email Address field does not get populated. Other DL's have the default name.po.domain@domain email address. I created a Nickname for this new DL as I have in the past. However, email sent to this address gets bounced as 'non such recipient'.

I've tried everything I know how to get this to work. Setting Preferred Email ID rather than Nickname. Setting the Preferred Name. Manually entering something in the Email Address field. Nothing will work to get this email address to answer.

If I use the 'View Email Address' button, all of the expected email addresses appear, though none are actually usable from the outside.

We have an entire 8.01 backend. I've tried using 8.00hp2 C1 snapins as well as 8.0.1 to the same effect.

How can I get this work as it has in the past? I do not want to enable the 'Expand Groups' option since this will give all of our groups an email address which I don't want.