a really cheap b****** when it comes to software.

Even though the money isn't coming directly from my pockets I'm tired of
trying to justify and quantify why we should keep spending money on
upgrades and maintenance and why we should buy this software which cost
a lot.

Let me be the first to say that I know creating and maintaining software
isn't the easiest job in the world. Lot's of money and time go into
creating a good piece of software.

90% of my struggle over implementing new and better technologies is
price. For example when I looked into Alfresco as a DMS the $15,000 plus
a year price tag was just out of this universe. I don't care if they
ship gold with it. I couldn't even get past the price when explaining
why it would be good. We looked at Microsoft Office on a terminal
server and that $30,000 price tag got nixed (personally kind of happy
about that one). Next we get to my firewall. I really like it, but
$5,000 subscription renewal is a bit painful to swallow (but that one is
easier to justify as it keeps the network and data safe).

Then we get to email. I've looked at Groupwise, Exchange, Zimbra, and
Scalix seriously. Exchange and Groupwise cost about the same ($10,000
plus). Scalix was the cheapest, but just felt buggy to me. Zimbra is
still gonna be around $3500, but the maintenance is less than a grand a
year. That's not to bad.

Anyway. I'm not saying that software isn't worth it's asking price.
I'm just saying it's not worth it to me or worse to those that approve
the money. It's one of the reason I want to leverage as much open
source software that's free or very cheap.

And yes... I know. You get what you pay for.