I have set up DSfW on OES2 SP2. The reason for this is to support an
application running on Windows 2003 server and IIS. This application will
only work against Active Directory - don't get me started!!!!

I added the IIS server to my DSfW domain and then set up IIS to use IWA.
When I tested this it worked really well: I was able to give the DSfW
group permissions to the web-site and then I tested that a user trying to
access the site was prompted for a password and on entering their Novell
username and password they were granted access to the site (as long as
they were a member of the appropriate eDirectory/DSfW group). All good so

But my testing up until that point has all be done using Firefox. When I
swapped to using IE6 or IE7 I just got a "HTTP 500 Internal Server
Error". I have not done any research on this YET but I imagine this
scenario will be one that many Novell customers would want to implement
and so I wanted to find out if somebody knew what to do from there.

I tried adding the PC to the DSfW domain and that did not work - but I
really don't want to add PC's to the domain anyway - that is ugly in my

I am about to start reading up about IIS and IWA and doing some further
testing but if anyone has any useful information to give it would be much