Looking to build a file server for home or buy one of the HP models.
Windows Home Server looks like a decent thing as it's a set-n-forget
proposition. Admittedly, after working with computer s& networks 10 hours a
day, it would be nice to not worry about it once I got home, you know?

So the HP LX195 "server" caught my eye. Add a 2nd external USB drive,
create a "duplicate folder" between the internal & external disks, and,
voila'...redundant data in case of disk failure. Looks easy enough, seems
like the end-user reviews are great. Scheduled power one & off is a neat
feature as it doesn't need to be on but once or twice a week in initiate


Roll my own. NewEgg has JetWay cases with the Atom CPU/MB in the low to mid
$100 range. Add the disks I want, WHS, and most functionality is there w/o
the need to go with HP. And I could use some Linux distro for this cause.
But is it worth it? Is there a distro that offers much the same
functionality as WHS w/o the need to spend hours re-learning & such?