Has anyone seen this error before? We keep getting this on the GWIA, it will continue to log, then all of a sudden this error comes up on the beginning of the next new log. I am have been seeing this for about 6 months now since we upgraded to 8.0 and sometimes it goes for days without any ZERO error logs, then it hickups, and moves over to a new log file with this error at the top of it.

17:10:43 472 I/O Error, error code = 8201.
17:10:43 472 File write error on file "/var/opt/novell/grpwise/logfiles/gwia/1123gwia.01f" in module "GweLogToDisk2".
17:10:43 472 *************** Switching to new log file ***************

Any insight would be appreciated and thanks for your help everyone!