Am planning on doing a phased migration of a server running NW 6.5 SP7 to OES2 Linux. Current server is running Groupwise 7, Zenworks 7, eDir and also holds the master replica (they have another server in same tree located in another office).

Here's what I am planning to do, but just want to make sure all OK - suggestions welcome:

- Have new Dell server and will create 2 logical partitions - one for SLES system stuff (about 60gb) and the other for NSS (about 1.5tb). RAID5

- Will partition /boot, /, /swap, /opt, etc.

- Install SLES 10, OES (during main install) and place new server in current tree.

- I'd like to migrate certain folders (users, share, etc.) in phases, keeping user rights once moved. As I do this, I would change the login script mapping to point to new server.

- Once regular user data over, migrate Groupwise.

- Install Zen Config Mgr from scratch, as they currently don't use it for much. But they will once installed/set up.

- Install Teaming

- Decommission NW 6.5 server

- I still want users to get same mappings as they currently have. Basically want to switch them to new server without any real disruptions/changes.

Some question/comments:

- Now that SLES 10 SP3 and OES2 SP2 are out, should I just go ahead and use those? Seems easier than upgrading later. Need it to be stable though.

- How critical is time when adding OES to tree? Detailed suggestions during install? (please)

- Regarding moving folders in phases, that OK?

- New server will have 16gb RAM. 2gb swap OK? Or ???

- Once old NW 6.5 server decommissioned, OK for Windows clients to still use NW client?