Hi Guys,

Just lately the support that is coming out of Novell is a joke!

I currently have 2 open SRís,

The 1st one has been open for almost 2 month now and there has been no progress made what so ever. When I opened this SR I was asked to call back in 3 hours as there was no one currently available to take my call. As part of the partner net program the Technical Support Response Time is 1 hour 24/7? Not call back later.

When I finally got to talk to support I was told that ZCM was not supported when installed on a d:\ when I questioned this I was told that my issue was cosmetic and nothing to worry about. This is not the case and again I questioned this as a result my SR has been transferred to the Novell Zenworks Advantage Team. I am not sure what the Novell Zenworks Advantage Team does as they are not helping me with this SR, These guys donít even reply to email or Voice mails.

The 2nd SR i opened at the start of this week i have one email from the support team requesting a chat season at 12:30am. I have not heard from them since. Again 24/7 ???

I am not sure what has changed Novell support used to the best around

Please fix it