The /var/opt/novell/iprint/htdocs/nls/de/iprntmsg.js file, which is
installed by OES2 SP2, contains unescaped quotation marks (") in the
middle of a text string, thus leading to script errors which result in
failure of attempts to install a printer or to check the installation
status of the printer.

If you encounter this problem just add a backslash (\) before each
quotation mark (") in the middle of the text string in line 131 - or
delete the quotation marks (") in the text string on this line in the
above mentioned file.

SP1 had a similar string but with backslashes.

Why do such new errors get introduced into old code ???? - This bug is
the proof, that absolutely nobody ever tested this script, before
releasing it. And that is something, which should never happen at all.

W. Prindl