I have the printers in the list to be installed, but they do not automatically install when a user logs into a Vista workstation.

I can, however, get the printers to automatically install if I reinstall the iPrint client on the workstation (while logged in as an administrator on the Vista workstation, not just as a Novell administrator) and then have a user login.

Novell 6.5 sp 7
iManager v 2.7.3
iPrint client v 05.12.00
Vista 32 bit (on workstation)

Is there a way to get the printers to automatically install without reinstalling the iPrint client on each workstation everytime I want to install a printer?

I have also tried to allow the user to be able to install the printer from the iPrint client (Find/Install printers), but get an error message saying 'You need to restart the browser and "Run as Administrator" to perform this task'.

Of course, I can install a printer on a workstation from the iPrint client if I am logged in as an administrator and run IE as an administrator, but I don't want to have to do that on every workstation, either.

Thanks for your help.