Hi @all,

I use GW 8 and the API to send Mails with VB Code.
Mimi Code Client = UTF-8

I have problems with any Mail-Servers.
I send ".."

These change the text "" to other Char's eg. u = "= FC *"

If I open the GW Client to preview the mail, so the characters ar correctly.
If I send mail directly, then the letters are translated incorrectly.

Set Acc = GW.Login
Set GWMailFolder = Acc.Mailbox
Set GWMessages = GWMailFolder.Messages
Set GWDraftMsg = GWMessages.Add("GW.MESSAGE.MAIL", "Draft")


//// Open the new message to view it and add recipient(s) manually
MyMsgID = GWMessage.MessageID
Set vCommander = CreateObject("GroupWiseCommander")
ParamStr = "ItemOpen(""" + MyMsgID + """)"
iRet = vCommander.Execute(ParamStr, sResult)

/// characters are ok

/// Send directly
MsgBox "Your mail has been sent!", vbInformation, "Mail sent"

/// characters are wrong

Somebody has an idea to solve the problem?

mny Tnx