Good afternoon. Wondering if this could be a bug. Just downloaded the SLES 10 SP3 DVD and am attempting a new server install that I will be adding OES2 SP2 to. When I try to partition the disk I'm running into problems. I've read all of the posts I can find on partitioning and realize this is a hot topic, however I'm following Novell's step-by-step documentation and something is not functioning properly. As a pre-req, there's only a single disk in this system. Per Novell:

I first delete the partition table. Then create a 1GB primary ext3 /boot partition (sda1). I then create an unformated primary 10GB partition of type Linux LVM 0x8E (sda2). I then attempt to convert this to EVMS by selecting the EVMS button and attempting to create a 'system' container. The device list does display the LVM partition (sda2), however, when I select "add volume", nothing happens, it does not append the container name to the list as it should. Selecting 'OK' simply gives me an error that there are no physical volumes.

For some reason however, if I then delete the /boot partition (sda1), and then attempt to create the EVMS container again, when I select 'add volume', it works.

Has something changed in SP3 that I can't find documentation about? This seems to be very consistant, has anyone else seen it yet? Thanks!