I have and application in VB 2005 that runs on a 32-bit os right now. One of teh first things it does is call a an API from Novell GroupWise like such, which allows ir tun on either OS but I can't email from the program like I can on 32-bit. Is tehre anyway under the 64-bit section to use the api which on the 64-bit box i assume is in (x86) since GroupWise client installs as a 32 bit app.

'determine 32-bit or 64-bit OS
If IntPtr.Size = 8 Then
'64 bit machine
ElseIf IntPtr.Size = 4 Then
'32 bit machine
'Initialize the Groupwise Client
objGroupWise = CreateObject("NovellGroupWareSession")
objAccount = objGroupWise.Login
End If