Hello all, I have device policies working, but cannot seem to get user source policies working. Here is what I have done so far:

1. I added a new user source (The user source is LDAP from a Netware OES2 SP8 server) My user source is recognized, and I can see all of my users in my OU, within ZCM 10, so all looks well there

2. I applied a current policy I already made, and working with my devices, to one of my LDAP/edirectory users. I tell the policy to apply to the user immediatly

Unfortuneatly, the policy never apples, and the zenworks adaptive agent dosen't acknowledge that there are ANY policies at all. I then reboot, and logged into the server...still the policy is not applied to the user...not sure why.

Okay, looking forward to tapping into your brains to see what I'm missing.