I am unable to find a solution for my broker status. I am able to upload drivers and create printer driver profile within imanager, but under broker control it keeps on saying "Broker State: Down"

It gives me an option to startup but then it comes backk with:
sys://system/broker.nlm does not exist. Make sure iPrint is installed on this server.

The broker.nlm is loaded -
Version 3.00.12 Date 20 Feb 2008

On the server running NetWare SPB the status is green but when I tried imanager 2.7.0, 2.7.2 and 2.73 FTF with latest iprint plugins ...and local copy of imanager, The broker states= Down !!!!

I can't understand how this happened and I am surprised I am able to load drivers without any issues! But it makes me worried when I see its states the "broker status down."

Can someone please help.

Netware SP8B is running.