Hi there,

our specs.:
Groupwise Server 8.0.1 on Netware 6.5 SP8 (failover clustered)
GW Clients 7 & 8 and some Outlook/Thunderbird clients on different Windows/Linux Workstations.

we encounter the following error in the gwia logs:
"Memory Error. Memory Function Failure 8101"

In consequence nearly no email could be send (emails left bolt in the sent folder and properties showed "not been delivered") and the imap server reacted faulty. Some of our Customers uses Outlook/Thunderbird via imap and could not view the content of any folder of their accounts.

After switching the gwia to the other cluster note we encountered an abend of the note and restarted it.

The gwia switched automatically back to the note alive, there where no errors anymore and the emails distribution / IMAP Server works fine again.

Additionally to the abend of the one note. We did no dump. We already send in some dumps to the novell support because of other abends and were adviced to wait for the new hot fix which will fix some abend reasons...

Anybody came across this behaviour or got any idea why this happens?