Hi all: I know many posts have been made regarding how to
partition OES 2 but I would like to add another. Due to
upcoming maintenance requirements from Novell (gun to head),
we will be moving to Open Workgroup Suite from NW6.5/Zen
7/GW 7. This will require me to dump our Netware kernel and
move to linux.

Our particular servers are all setup with three drives in a
RAID 5 array. (I would love to put in more drives and have
separate RAID 1 OS and RAID 5 data, but I have to work with
what we have.) This worked very well with the netware
kernel and we partitioned the array (73 GB total) into an 8
GB sys volume (running nss) and the rest on a second volume
(also nss). With this partitioning, the OS went on sys with
any third-party applications and all data going onto the
second volume.

Given the move to Linux I see having to rethink how we do
business. I still want to partition off all data on an nss

My initial thought is to partition our array into two
volumes, the first for the OS and apps running EXT3, and the
second for data running nss. How big should my first
partiton be?

With regard to the OS volume, I was planning on creating the
following partitions:

/boot - 200 MB
/swap - 4 GB
/ - 20 GB (this may be overkill)
/var - 2 GB

Does this arrangement look OK? If not what would you
suggest (from real world experience!)?

If I am totally off base PLEASE correct my thinking.