Hi again: Currently ALL our servers run the Netware kernel.
We will be upgrading to Open Workgroup Suite and therefore

But I have a problem; since there is no direct over-the-top
upgrade from netware to linux, how do I do the upgrades?

My initial plan is to sacrifice one server which we can live
without for a short period of time (fax server - the server
name is GR16). I would drop it out of the tree and begin a
clean OES 2 install on it. This first install would be to
replace our head server, GR11 (a term I use as it holds all
primary edir partitions and our certificate server among
other things).

Once the first clean OES 2 server is built, I would transfer
the server identity from GR11 to the new server so that it
would then be the new functional head server. I would then
do a leap frog approach using the newly decommissioned
netware server as a new OES 2 server and target for the next
identity transfer.

Does this approach make sense to you? or is there a better

Thanks for your time, Chris.