I was asked to post in the Developer forum...

Our business needs require an e-mail to be created with specific emails addresses, Subject, Body and Attachments and then staged in the "Work In Progress" folder within groupwise. Then these e-mails are reviewed to make sure that the attachments (Sensitive information) are appropriate for the addressees. once this verification is completed then the e-mails are sent.

I am able to get everything mentioned above to work except to have the names of the recipients show up in the draft e-mails contained within the Work In Progress folder.

The Code below is an extract of what i am have with the relevant parts included. The only pieces missing are the attachments.

The funny thing is that if as the last step i choose to have the e-mail sent (.Send) it will send it to the addressees, but i just am not able to see the e-mails in the draft message.

I would greatly appreciate if someone can help me here. The VBA is running in Excel 2007.

Sub CreateMailPullingAttachmentsfromafolder ()
CreateMailPullingAttachmentsfromafolder Macro
Dim ogwApp As GroupwareTypeLibrary.Application
Dim ogwRootAcct As GroupwareTypeLibrary.Account
Dim fso As New FileSystemObject
Dim flds As Folders

Dim ogwFolder As Folder, _
ogwFoundFolder As Folder, _
i As Long, _
StartCount1 As Long, _
StartCount2 As Long, _
sCommandOptions As String, _
sMailPassword As String, _
sLoginName As String, _
sFolderToSearch As String, _
sFileType As String, _
sSavePath As String, _
ogwMail As Mail, _
aryTo() As String, _
aryCC() As String, _
aryBCC() As String

'If ogwApp Is Nothing Then 'Need to set object reference
Set ogwApp = CreateObject("NovellGroupWareSession")
'End If

Set ogwRootAcct = ogwApp.Login
sFolderToSearch = "Work In Progress"

Set MyWorkFolder = ogwRootAcct.AllFolders.ItemByName(sFolderToSearch)
Set MyMessages = MyWorkFolder.Messages
Set MyDraftMsg = MyMessages.Add()
MyDraftMsg.Recipients.Add ("Raj.Pov@XXXcvc.com")
With MyDraftMsg
'Assign the SUBJECT text
' .Subject = StrSubject
'Assign the BODY text
' .Priority = egwLow

' .BodyText = StrBody

End With
'Release all objects before closing
Set ogwRootAcct = Nothing
Set ogwApp = Nothing

End Sub