The big problem is that the web-apps don't run.
I believe the reason is that my Certificate Authority isn't right. This is a result of having used a NW65SP8 overlay DVD to attempt to install SP8 instead of using the SP8 zip file version. Whoops! It failed trying to create one, but I think it goofed up the one I had.

Is this something I could restore from a eDirectory backup that I've made in Arcserve?

Anyway, I can't run iManager, or anything that depends on the certificates, because I have one certificate problem that is keeping Apache from starting up all the applets.

When I look at the contents of the Security container, in most servers, I see a certificate authority leaf that is labeled "[tree-name] Organizational CA"
In this one, it's simply called "SL_Tree CA" and it doesn't contain any certificates.

When I run PKDIAG, it says there's one fixable problem, but when I go to fix it, in stage six, I get a -603 error.

I see I'm supposed to use iManager to work on this stuff, but iManager won't run. Should I delete the CA that I have, and try to recreate it or restore if from tape? Or will deleting it make things even worse?