I have created several Dynamic Machine Groups within ZENworks Control Centre filtered on 'Machine - IP Address' as the sites on our network are configured. I have physically moved some workstations from one site to another meaning their IP Addresses no longer matched the filter of the original site's Dynamic Machine Group but matched the filter of the new site's Dynamic Machine Group. I noticed that the workstations did not associate themselves with the new Dynamic Machine Group nor disassociate themselves with the old Dynamic Machine Group. Dynamic Machine Groups are set to refresh every day.

I first checked that the new IP Address details are listed in the summary page of the device correctly. The new IP Address appeared correctly in the summary page and the ZENworks Agent Status was green. I then manually updated group membership on all Dynamic Machine Groups. Still no joy. I then created a report to list the Machine Name and IP Address of the workstations that had moved. The report produced the list of workstations and under the IP Address section the old IP Address was again listed!

These workstations have been at the new site for a week now and still sit in the wrong Dynamic Machine Groups and reporting still lists the old IP Addresses, despite several recreations of the groups and workstation refreshes.

Can someone explain why the IP Address used to populate Dynamic Machine Groups and the IP Address used in reporting is different to the IP Address on the device summary page (i.e. the correct and up-to-date IP Address)?

I am confident that I will not be the only person filtering Dynamic Machine Groups on IP Address and this problem means I can no longer rely on bundle assignments, etc based on these groups.