I have setup a domain and can join computers succesfully and users have no
problems authenticating to it. My problem is with Group Policies and folder
redirections when set to "Advanced - Specify locations for various user
groups." This is where you can customize folder redirection based on user
group. When selecting some groups, either custom or those automatically
created by DSfW, I get "Security information could not be obtained for the
selected group". Some of the auto created DSfW groups work fine. I thought
this might be a SID problem so I downloaded a SID converter with lookup
capabilities to check my SIDs. If I do a lookup by user or group name very
few come back with a vaild SID. Only 2 users (Admistrator is one) and some
of the DSfW created groups. I can also do a lookup by SID and those same
users and groups come back valid. Everything else comes back invalid. I
have checked and they all seem to have a proper objectSID attribute. If I
take an objects objectSID and put it into the SID converter it will break it
down but the lookup fails with the following error:

"Error converting value: System.Component.Win32Exception: The trust
relationship between this workstation and primary domain failed at
SidConverter.JoeKaplan.Security.SecurityIdentifier .GetSidByAccountName(StringtargetMachine,
String accountName)

Any Ideas?