I am running a Netware 6.5 server with Apache, MySQL and PHP services. I
also use mod_edir to allow them to store their web pages in a directory in
their home directories (public_html). This lets us access their web page
via "www.web.edu/~username". I want to migrate to an OES Linux by adding it
to the edir 8.8 three as a LAMP server. What can I use to achieve the same
functionality? Will I be able to keep the web page storage on an existing
Netware 6.5 server that holds their "home/public_html" directories? What
file system should I use to make it easiest for users to continue using
their web directories in the easiest manner? Or is there a better solution
that I should consider. I am hoping that some of your experiences can guide

Darrell Eddy