a SLES10 SP2, OES2 SP1 cluster (NOWS) behaves quite badly in our network. These are some of the problems I encounter:

- slow SSL connections time-out reguarly rendering webmail very unstable
- cluster nodes regularly receive poison pills because of a faulty broadcom driver
- the SMDRD unloads often spontaniously for unknow reasons, rendering the backup very unreliable.

All in all not a good situation. The Novell engineers seem to advice updating to the latest service packs in most service requests, so I did upgrade one node to SLES SP3 with online updates in a ssh console. At no point I was warned that I also would have to upgrade to OES2 SP2 for this.

By itself not a problem, were it not that we use ZCM 10 SP2 as well and that for very mysterious reasons (we did buy a bundle after all) ZCM 10 SP2 is not supported by Novell . So next to the above mentionned problems, I now also have a one-legged cluster.

So my questions is: what do you guys think is the best way to progress form this situation. Wait for ZCM 10.3 to come out? Is there a way to uninstall SP3?

It's so sad all products in the bundle are not tuned in to each other. You seem to have to install everything on seperate servers, which is not an option for a small company.