Hi all: I have begun very preliminary testing of OES 2
setup using vmware fusion. The main goal of this testing is
to get a good feel and sequence of steps needed to install
OES 2 with an NSS partition. The only caveat I have is that
my real servers have raid 5 arrays which I will
pre-partition using HP smartstart.

Back to my VM. I setup a 60 GB VM drive for testing.
During the install I created the following partitions:

primary - 300 MB for /boot as ext3
primary - 2 GB for /swap
extended - remaining space

within the extended partition I created:
15 GB for / as ext3

I left all remaining space unpartitioned. When I got oes
installed I then tried to use nssmu to create my NSS volume
but was unsuccessful.

The upshot of all this is that I am still unclear how to
create my partitioning to keep / (root) out of evms. As we
have discussed in other threads, Novell docs have you
creating / (root) within evms.

Does anyone have a link to a better doc describing how to do

Thanks, Chris.