I have not had 1 SLES 10.2 OES2 SP1 upgrade go smoothly yet. I am currently upgrading a test system (on VMware) from sles 10.1 with oes2 to sles 10.2 oes2 sp1. Currently I am sitting at Perform Update. the update is trying to initialize the catalogs and this error pops up after 10 min or so - "Your service was deleted successfully in Yast, but could not be synchronized with Zenworks." I can click ok, and then it goes back to trying to initialize catalogs and then pops up the same message again. I am on the third try of initializing catalogs. Does anyone have any ideas on what is going on? This server was fully patched using rug before the update, so I'm pretty sure it was registered properly. This is very frustrating and any help would be appreciated! Thanks.