Hi again: I have run into an unexpected issue while looking
into our eventual upgrade to OES 2 (Linux). The issue is
that when we upgrade ARCserve to the Linux version, we will
lose the ability to read any and all backup tapes written
from the netware version. The workaround (kludge) is to
have two instances of ARCserve, the main instance running on
Linux and a secondary instance running in Netware. The
Netware instance would be turned off expect in the rare
occasion we need to go back to old tape.

Our tape library is an Overland NEO 2000 driven by a sccsi
adapter in our Netware server. Lets say this server is
changed over to Linux, can we run a second netware server
under XEN and still see the scsi card?

BTW, our servers are socket 940 based Opterons that do not
support HW virtualization. Can XEN still be used or will we
have to move to something like VMware server?

Thanks for the help, Chris.