Hi again: Seems every time I take one step forward I slide
two back. We are migrating our Proliant DL385 G1 servers to
OES 2. The servers are configured with one RAID 5 array. I
want to break the array into to logical volumes so that OES
can be split into a sys volume (to hold all OS related
partitions) and an nss volume. I want to avoid having one
large partition and having to deal with getting nss to
function properly with "/".

OK, I thought this would be easy. I thought I had read HP's
SamrtStart utility would allow me to do the above, but upon
my first test I was only able to install Windows server
OS's. It did not even have an option for Netware. I had
downloaded the latest version (8.30) from the HP Linux
support page.

For all you Proliant shops I have these questions:

1. Can the above low-level volume partitioning be done (or
am I smoking dope)?
2. Does HP have a SmartStart CD to enable the installation
of Linux?
3. If no SmartStart CD, how can I break up the array as I
am wanting to do that is if it is possible)?

Thanks, Chris.