I got 2 Types of Users in my Environment. First one gets DLU non volatile assigned, the second one a DLU which is volatile. We have for each type of user a diffent desktop background which is set by a group policy and stored locally on the workstation.

DLU works and the associated Group Policy gets pushed to the workstations. Now the problem is the following. The desktop backgrounds on the volatile DLUs aren't visible which means the desktop stays black, but the background is set in display settings. The non volatile users have to relogin to see the desktop background.
Second Problem is that i can't set the volatile users to non volatile cause there are to many (count > 6000) and they log in different workstations (~250), which results getting 50+ profiles stored on a single workstation in a matter of days.

Any advice here how i can circumvent that problem?

ZCM 10.2.2 on Sles, Win7Enterprise x86 and x64