Hi there, this a policy related question. I have all of my user sources working now, and polices can be applied to users. Here is my problem, I have a polivy I applied to a user group, in praticular, my student group, everything applies fine, but I have 2 important questions:

1. How do I prevent the student from right click on the adaptive agent Z icon, and logging out of the zone? As soon as they logout of the zone, the policy does not apply to them anymore, and can can do what they want to the computer.

2. How do I refresh a user policy fast? I apply the policy but it dioes not download until the agent is refreshed, is there a way to refresh the agent based on the user group? Or do I have to refresh the agent based on the device? What the easiest way for the student to get this policy right when it's applied?

The student will figure out how to log out of that client in no time...I hope there is a way to prevent this.