I want to upgrade a server from OES 2 SP0 to SP2 using the offline
upgrade method.

I've tested it with a server (VMWare session) without NSS volumes, that
worked fine.

As soon as the server (VMWare session set back to the beginning) get's a
NSS volume (on a separate disk, therefor *not* the ugly case with EVMS
on the boot disk!), the YAST upgrade does not find the boot partition
anymore. The partition list is just empty (in opposite to the first
test, when it listed the boot partition only). I can check the "show all
partitions" checkbox and after that I get a list, where some of the
partitions are listed twice: my original partitions "/dev/sda1" and
"/dev/sda3" (which is /boot and /), but also a "/dev/evms/sda1" and
"/dev/evms/sda3". These evms-partitions do not exist when the server is
booted regulary and therefor seem to be a result of a faulty partition
detection of the installation program. Also shown is a partition
"/dev/sdb1" for the NSS volume (shouldn't this be detected as an evms
managed partition!?).

Documentation says to select the partition with "evms" in its name, but
this does not work at all (and makes no sense to me, because the sys
disk partitions are not managed by evms).

Selecting the /dev/sda3 partition instead does allow the install to
proceed (but fails to mount /dev/sdb1, but I ignored that, because this
nss partition is not necessary for the upgrade).

But after the first reboot (during install), the system does not start
anymore. It does not find the / partition (I guess) and looking at
/etc/fstab makes clear why: all /dev/sdbax partitions have been changed
to /dev/sdbx!

After changing this back to /dev/sdax and reboot, the install continues,
but later on fails to upgrade eDir. During bootup I can see several
error messages from ipfilters etc., maybe the install messed up the
network card configuration also.

After all; a whole mess and no working server. Therefor: how to upgrade
a server with nss volumes (again: no evms on sys disk, just lvm)?

Thanks in advance!