man....getting crazy here.

setup is;
Network for zen-server is

Clients Im trying to wake-up is;

In that network, there is a satelite
which is ON and working, all other ws's are off.

Zen is patched and current AND with the current WOL patch applied
( and renamed...!!)

Trying to do a wol to any pc in that segment fails regardless if using
"auto" or trying to specify a proxy to use.
If I specify a Proxy through the browser, it does NOT seem to matter
since it's in the loader.log shows NO mentioning at all of the proxy
Im using or it's IP address. Instead zen tries to use any of the
shutdown PC's as move.....

trying to do a zman ww etc described in a thread here and specifying
the proxy to use seems to be possible after trial and error, but off
course Zen still doesnt use THE ONLY PC that's ON in that network !!!

Man....a requirement for Zen to use any available station in a remote
network should be that it's on and that zen can reach it ?
Instead it seems to randomly use any PC that's OFF to be sure that the
proxy part isn't working.

In the loader messages; Im just getting

and,, not once,, in the whole log, is there any mention of the desired
proxy to use, either by name or IP..