Installed my first OES2 server today as a test. It did go
into our tree to as I wanted to see how it installed into an
existing tree and the fact that we don't have test servers.

The installation went smoothly. I do have a few
questions/observations you may be able to set my straight

1. Should I use uppercase only for the server name? I see
in C1 that Novell created objects tied to the server with
mixed or uppercase just like in the NW65. Should I maintain
uppercase for server names for consistency?

2. When I get to the CA installation screen, I don't know
what should be done here? I don't want each server to be
it's own CA. Should I leave this as default CA?

3. I installed iprint straight away, however, the iprint
server did not start as it needed configuration. Supposedly
this is done in imanager. But alas the only plugin
installed was for the iprint client. Looks like the
chicken/egg scenario.

4. I partitioned out /var with 6 GB, /USR with 6 GB, /home
with 2 GB and / with 8 GB. Base installed used approx. 25%
of /USR and about 17% of /var. I know this is a often
debated subject, but would you recommend any adjustments?
This server will primarily be the CA and iprint as well as
hold all primary partitions of the tree.

I have removed the server from the tree properly and will
reinstalled once I get some of these issues worked out.
Would appreciate your input.

Thanks, Chris.