So I've had two major issues with Monitor so far.

1) Had a POA down for almost 2 days, yet Monitor happily showed it was fine and up and running.

2) Have another one that IS up and running, yet Monitor says it's down and no amount of "polling" can show it's up. (Host unreachable it says).

One agent (the one in #1) is on OES2 SP1 Linux (8.0.1 codebase for GroupWise) and the other one (#2) is on NetWare 6.5.7 (soon to be upgraded) with 8.0.1

Monitor is also 8.0.1 on OES2 SP1 Linux.

Not doing SNMP, so it's the regular http polling, so I have no idea why it ceases to function properly and as of now, we cannot depend on it for accurate information.

I've got an SR open for almost 2 weeks with no movement from Novell outsourced support (big surprise there).