Hello all,

I am having a problem after changing the ip address of a server. I am moving the server to a new subnet and had to change the server's IP address. I made all of the necessary changes, or so I thought, but the server is not wokring properly.

I am getting the following error during a reboot;

NDSIMON.NLM Unresolved

I was expecting that after the server had its IP address changed, that I would have to run PKIDIAG to repair the certificates but PKIDiag return an error -634.

I know that I got the IP address changed in all of the regular places but I must be missing something.

Server has the following configuration:

NW6.5 SP8
eDir ftf1 - it has a R/W replica
Zenworks 7.1

And then all the tradtiional NW stuff running: Apache2, NDPS and iPrint. Everything else is really vanilla.

It looks like I am having an issue with NLDAP but nothing I can nail down.

iManager and RConsole are not working although I have fixed the issues with the conf files.

Where can I go from here?