Novell Open Enterprise Server, Netware 6.5 SP7

I have a person who was an external entity, Groupwise only, that now needs to be a user. However I tried to move the object to the correct directory and then convert the user using C1, as I have done several times successfully in the past. However now I am stuck, it won't let me move the user.

I keep getting the following error:

(Error -637) After an object has been moved from one context in the tree to another, the Directory database will not allow that object to be moved again until all replicas of that object have been updated.

I followed the instructions on this TID:

I see the user listed twice under the Obituary report. First as .user.GWexternal.ORG.TREE (Flags Not Present, Obit Types Moved (primary), Backlink, Used by) and then .user.Adm.ORG.TREE (Flags Present, Obit Type Inhibit Move). Only the second one has the Release Move Entry link, which I did and it said it was successful, but it's still listed there.

Not sure why I am having so much trouble with this, I have done this exact procedure countless times before and never had a single issue, now it's giving me fits. Any suggestions and/or help would be greatly appreciated.

Mike Snyder