Was: oes2sp1 (linux)
Upgrade to the OES2Sp2 (off-line mode).

After reboot in the "Software Updater" i see:

[+] product-oes2-sp2
[+] product-sles10-sp3
[+] slesp3o-SPident
[+] slesp3o-xml-commons

Press to the button "Update" and after some time see errors:
Dependecy Resolution Failed
Unresolved dependecies:
Instaling patch : product-oes2-sp2-0-0.noarch[OES2-SP2-Online]
product: OPEN_ENTERPRISE_SERVER_SP2-2.0.2-0.i386 [OES2-SP2-Online]
provides Novell-Open-Enterprise-Server-SP2==2.0.2-0. but has another architecture.
There are no installable providers of Novell-Enterprise-Server-SP2>=2.0.2-0 for patch: product-oes2-sp2-0-0.noarch[OES2-SP2-Online]
About server:
uname -a
Linux ercog #1 SMP Wed Dec 2 12:27:56 UTC 2009 i686 i686 i386 GNU / Linux

Any help please.