We loved the feedback you gave us on the new header for Novell.com (especially the suggestion that we "kill the old one with fire"), so we thought we ask you what you think of the new product page design. We piloted the new design on the Sentinel Log Manager page. This page has been live for just about a month now, and according to the stats, this new approach is kicking some serious booty. Google is finding the page much better, and some of the key metrics like time on page and bounce rate are looking extremely good.

So from a stats perspective, it's a great design. But how do you feel about it from a user perspective? Are you enticed to explore things you see on the new pages? Is it easy to find what you're looking for? If you're new to this product, does the page present the information you need to know about it?

Take a few minutes to explore the page, and then leave comments here in this thread please. Thanks!