Since I created a new subnet for one of our buildings, I changed the IP address on my server. I changed the IP addresses of my printers for the new subnet. I went into iManager, Manage Print Manager, Printer Agent Redirection and put in the new server IP address. Unfortunately, the IP address did not change for the client workstations. In the printer agent list on the server, all the printers are listed as idle - no errors, etc.

Thinking I may need to update, I applied SP8 to my Netware 6.5 server. No change. Then I figured at least I can get them up and printing by reinstalling the printer with iPrint, but I get a "301 - Moved Permanently" error when I try to install the printers.

I've spent the last two days looking at every TID on this topic, plus browsed the iPrint forum. I haven't found anything that has helped me. I would appreciate any suggestions!