Hi all,

I've had VMware Player 2.5 installed on some of my workstations, and we've recently (thanks to ZAV) been able to remove it. Unfortunately, the uninstall of VMware Player 2.5 breaks the ability to remote control the workstation. I see the service running, but it no longer responds to either the Zenworks Control Center or the TightVNC viewer on any port.

I've tried turning the firewall off, still broken
I've tried ZAC CC and ZAC REF on the workstations, still broken.
I've tried extracting and manually rerunning the Remote Management MSIs on the Agent...
Remote Policy shows good, no outward errors

Anyone know of a what might be causing this issue? Only way I can fix it is to go to the machine, uninstall and reinstall the Zenworks Agent... ugh...