I have some workstations (both Windows and Linux) which cannot install Novell Client to access the NCP share of FileServer (this is also a dsfw OES), so I would like to create the Samba share on the File Server.But the problem is after I created and configured the Samba share, I only can access that share via Novell Client, other ways like "smb://username@IPaddress" (on Linux) or \\IPaddress (on Windows) will return a "permission denied" message. What I did are:
  • 1 server, named FileServer1, works as Samba File Server and dsfw:
  • User "usr" to access the File Server
  • Follow the instructions from Installing and Configuring Samba on Open Enterprise Server 2 | Novell User Communities
  • I create NCP share with name SHARE and path /data_store/share
  • Go to LUM, I add the user usr to group ShareUsers, and then select the UNIX Workstation Object (FileServer1)
  • Go to File Protocols, create a new Samba Share name SHARE and path /data_store/share (exactly the same name and path as NCP share above)
  • Go to File and Foler, I configure Properties of the volume \\FileServer1\SHARE by adding trustee with full permission for user usr

Is there anything else that i missed ?
Any help is very appreciate