I've got 4 users that cannot view a groupwise dist list that's in the system address book.

Meaning, they open GroupWise -> Address Book
Expand the System Address book
On the left-hand side it lists our dist. lists
They click on one of them and get an hour glass.

After a few minutes they get a popup that says simply:
Address Book Error
The Group could not be opened

If I use a diff. pc and login as that same user, it works fine.

But here's the weird part:

It was working for them yesterday and we've not installed anything on the pc's between yesterday and today.

And the probability that all the users (they're my co-workers so I know who does 'bad things' and who doesnt') all did "something" is extremely low.

But I don't know why it would behave oddly on their pc's and not others.

I see no errors on the POA however.

POA is 8.0.1 on NW 6.5.7 and the clients are either 7.0.3 or 8.0.1