We're expermenting with terminal service type solutions again, and we're
doing it against a ZCM 10 server as that's where we'll be going in the

We've got DLU working with Windows 2003 Terminal Services. When we login
through an RDP session, DLU works, and the ZCM client says "Logged in as:
UserStore/UserName". From here, we can work with policies, apps, etc, like
we would with ZDM 7.

Now, if I try to login to the CONSOLE (not "mstsc /v:ipaddress /console",
but the actual physical server console) of the Windows 2003 Terminal Server,
DLU does NOT work. If I provide a windows username/password to get a
profile, I get a desktop, but the ZCM client says "Not Logged In".

Now, you might ask: WHY would I want to use the Terminal Server from the
console session and worry about ZCM? Well, there's a "thin-client" solution
made by Ncomputing that uses remote terminals connected to a Windows 2003
Server. It does NOT require Terminal Service licenses, but rather uses
vSpace, which is software developed by Ncomputing. It appears to use
something like the console session and NOT an RDP session.

So, my question is: Is what I'm experiencing with ZCM DLU and ZCM Login
"normal" for the console session? If so, then I'm going to conclude that
Ncomputing won't work. Can anyone verify?