Referencing the docmentation, I was able to replace explorer.exe with the Zenworks explorer or in old terms the Nal Shell. I have it running as the replacement shell, and is set to no splace, full screen, and cannot be closed.

Is there a way to:

- Lock the minimize button, so the user cannot press it.

As well, I need to be able to Diasble CTRL+ALT+DELETE, even when the computer is diconnected from the network. Students will be taking these laptops home, so I would lick to lock the desktop COMPLETELY with the nal shell.

As well, Can I cash some apps to the Zenworks Explorer or NAL shell for when they take the laptops home? I would like to be able:

- Allow then MS Office, and possible a few other programs, but not IE
I don't want them surfing at home with our laptops

If I set the availability schedule, can I set a time frame like 8:30 - 4:30 for internet explorer to be away, but leave MS office to always be there? If they disconnect the laptop from the wireess/network will the IE icon stay away, but MS office remain?

Thanks in advance.