A customer is running the Novell Groupwise 8 Sp1, and since Jan 2nd, the GWIA has been running out of memory. The system was working fine until the turn of the year, and no modifications were made to anything.

As the customer did not load the GWIA into protected memory, the Border Manager on the server sent out messages that the server was running out of memory and needed restarting. This was going on for a number of days before I was called in. I eventually traced the culprit to the GWIA, which I then put into protected memory.

I now find that incoming emails cause no problems (the system works fine all night with no one sending anything out from the system but plenty coming in, but by about 10am, when the system is sending out everyones early morning mail, I get the message in the GWIA logs, memory exhausted. I then need to unload the GWIA, unload the protected memory space and reload it again. If you set up verbose logging option, the system runs out of memory sooner.

I have been onto Novell Support, and downloaded a newer version of the GWIA from them, installed it in a completely new subdirectory (all new components are being used). However, I am still getting the same memory exhauted issue.

I will get back onto Novell today, but has anyone any ideas what is causing the problem, and how to put things right. I have spent 2 days on this and it is a damm headache. I have my ideas, but will keep them to myself at the moment.

Looking forward to any help,