at a customer we have the problem, that the iprint client automatic update does not work.

server: oes2 sp1 (sles10 sp2)
clients: windows xp sp2/xp3 with iprint client 4.26

i download the iprint client 5.32 from novell download site und copied the files:

iprint.ini --> /var/opt/novell/iprint/htdocs/
ipp client files for the os --> /var/opt/novell/iprint/htdocs/clients/

If i restart a client, the iprint client does not update hisself.

The new iprint.ini file from iprint client 5.32 has follow configuration:
[Novell] ;Do not modify this section
NovellWinVersion = 438 ;This is set by Novell, Inc.
NovellWinVer2K = 438
NovellWinVerXP = 438

AllowAutoUpdate = 1
ShortInstallName = DEFAULT
AllowUserPrinters = 0
UpgradeNDPSPrinters = 0
UpgradeQMSPrinters = 0
InformUserOfUpdates = 1

The users are local administrators.

Does someone has any idea what i can do?

Can it be a problem, if the iprint client 4.26 is installed manuelly and not from the iprint website (http://server-ip-adr/ipp) ? We work with zen7 images and the iprint client was included.

Thx 4 help