I have upgraded my iPrint Server to the latest version and I am running on Netware. I have successfully created profiles for other printers but I cannot get a profile created for an OCE im6020.

I start the process of creating a driver profile and select my driver. I then get the first GUI which is used to retrieve the hardware configuration from the printer. I then through the GUI go out via IP Address and obtain the hardware configuration correctly. But, when I select OK to get into the driver configuration it just hangs and never brings up the driver configuration GUI.

I receive the following two errors in my ippErrs.txt file.

1/13/2010 - 10:25:35 AM
Module: spoolsv.exe
Trace Info: ippmain.c, line 17561, thread 000010FC
Routine: IppInterpretUri - Bad URL (not HTTP, HTTPS, or IPP) - ,XcvPort http://taney.vermontlaw.net:631/ipp/...ofile-hiddenPA
Error: HTTP - Bad URL supplied (not HTTP:, HTTPS:, or IPP:).

1/13/2010 - 10:25:35 AM
Module: spoolsv.exe
Trace Info: ippmain.c, line 13735, thread 000010FC
Routine: GetPrinterInfoWithGoodStatus - Not our printer (,XcvPort http://taney.vermontlaw.net:631/ipp/...ofile-hiddenPA)
Error: The printer name is invalid.

I also note that the process is creating a local printer by the name http://taney.vermontlaw.net:631/ipp/...ofile-hiddenPA

These are my primary printers for students and I really need to get this figured out...