I haven't used the Object API or C3PO API in a while and I just wanted to enquire about folder creation in GroupWise.

1.) Is there a way to create a custom folder in the GW client that has its own icon?

I know I can create a folder using the Object API using Folders.Add() and the SOAP API using createItemRequest() or something like that.

2.) Is that folder 'local' to the GW client where a C3PO is running perhaps, or will it be available from any client including Web Access? Someone mentioned that you can create 'local' folders that are not saved back to the GroupWise message store. Is this true?

My requirement is basically this: I need to mirror the folder structure of a 3rd- party system in the GW client AND monitor the events in that folder such as new items being moved into the folders. What would be the best option? SOAP or Object API/C3PO combo approach.