On the happy front, I have a new job.

On the sad front, after an embarassing long time, I am probably done with Novell products. Just did really neat things with Platespin Orchastrate and SLES/XEN. I was just starting to have real fun with it.

Moved GroupWise to Linux, etc. Novell makes admin happy, plus I've always had good support.

Now, I don't get to go to BrainShare. I'm back into networking proper (which I love) and taking a reduced role in server management (RedHat / Microsoft).

But what bothered most me was the comment from my new co-workers:

"You mean Novell is still around?"

Oh well.

The point is this- Novell people are hard to find. Novell people also tend to be very well rounded. My current employer is going to need somebody who:

  • Wants to live on the North Oregon Coast (the weather is Belgium bad)
  • Knows OES NetWare
  • Knows GroupWise (8.0)
  • Knows SLES 10/11
  • Knows (some) Oracle 10g
  • Knows Python (or is willing to learn)
  • Knows Windows
  • Knows how to program Cisco gear
  • Is familiar with Juniper Security devices
  • Is pretty good at LAMP / WAMP stacks
  • Knows ASP / PHP / HTML
  • Likes having EVERYTHING under maintenance
  • Is willing to be on call 24/7/365- but go home at 5pm most nights.

In short, you need to know a lot about a lot.

The pay and benefits (Paid Retirement / Medical / Dental) are good, and this is an awesome network. Management is supportive. Plus, the budget for IT is good here- you can't go nuts, but you won't scrape either.

Disclaimer: Housing and utilities are relatively inexpensive, but food is not. However, I do walk to work- this is a small town and rentals are everywhere.

You also get a cube with a view of a park and the Columbia River.

This is a very good gig. I'm sad to leave, but opportunity knocks.

All told, I want to leave it in good hands. I also want to help my employer and the people I work with.

Where better to look than here?

PM me if you're interested.