Hi there,

I asked this in "GroupWise Tokens" before but I didn't got an answer there, so I ask here again.

I try to execute a token ItemAddMimeXField() on an existing message (mail) item to store some application data to the mail. I can iterate through the existing XFields (using ItemGetMimeXFieldCount() and ItemGetMimeXField()) but I am unable to add a name value pair to this collection. The result of the DDE command is "Token failed execution!". It doesn't matter if I try to execute this method on a send, received or even a new message.

I use .net c# for a C3PO add in and the COM objects of GroupWiseCommander, GroupwareTypeLibrary and C3POTypeLibrary.

GroupWise is 8.0.1 server version and 8.0. client version.